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BL1130-08 (Personal Blender Jar)

BL1130-08 (Personal Blender Jar)

Personal Blender Jar

Please note:

This jar does not fit the following models:
  • BL1300DG-P
  • BL1350
  • BL1360DP-P
  • PBL3000B
  • PB2000G
If you are in need of a replacement jar for the above models, please place your order for part number: BL1550-04 for a replacement jar and part number: BL1550-03 for a replacement lid.

Fits Model(s): BL1130, BL1130SG, BL1131, BL1820, BL1820SG-P, BL1821, BL1830, BL6000, BL6005, BL6010, PB1002G, PB1002N, PB1002R, PB1002W

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