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GFP84BP (Product - Bake Pan)

GFP84BP (Product - Bake Pan)

Customize your Evolve Grill with the versatile baking dish. The nonstick dish is big enough to make entire mouthwatering meals with leftovers to spare. Create deep-dish pizza or even make brownies for dessert!

  • 1 Dish
  • Nonstick
  • Dishwasher-Safe
  • Cool-Touch Handles

Fits Model(s): FP2500B, GRP3802P, GRP3842R, GRP4800R, GRP4842MB, GRP4842P, GRP4842R, GRP4842RB, GRP4EMB, GRP5842BQ, GRP5842CPQ, GRP5842PQ, GRP5842RQ, GRP6EBQ, GRP6EGQ, GRP6ENQ, GRP6EPQ, GRP6ERQ

  • $ 2499

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