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GFP84OP (Omelet Plates)

GFP84OP (Omelet Plates)

Customize your Evolve Grill System with the nonstick omelet plates. Three compartments make room for everyone’s favorite omelet, and personalization couldn’t be easier. Just pour in the egg mixture, then add in different ingredients and toppings.

  • Top and Bottom Plates
  • Nonstick
  • Dishwasher-Safe
  • Cool-Touch Handles

Fits Model(s): GRP3802P, GRP3842R, GRP4800R, GRP4842MB, GRP4842P, GRP4842R, GRP4842RB, GRP4EMB, GRP5842BQ, GRP5842CPQ, GRP5842PQ, GRP5842RQ, GRP6EBQ, GRP6EGQ, GRP6ENQ, GRP6EPQ, GRP6ERQ

  • $ 2999

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